According to professional guitarists, there are more than 5 types of guitar are being used worldwide. Each type has its own playing style and is used for certain purposes. Knowing about this helps players to have more knowledge about the world of guitar and choose the best one to play. The most common ones are Acoustic and Classic guitars. They are played by a majority of both amateur and professional guitar players. Besides, there are some other types on the market for special sounds and certain types of music. You can see some of them in big concerts such as flamenco, rock, jazz… If you are a big fan of guitar and guitar performances, this article would be the right one to dig deeper into this instrument.

Based on the guitar design, they are divided into many classes for example: electric guitar, Hawaiian guitar, bass guitar… They have unique features and fit it some certain types of music.

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar

This is the most common type of guitar. You can see this one anywhere, in almost any music performances. Acoustic guitar is welcomed in every country because of its popularity. Beside the role as a magnificent solo instrument, acoustic guitar is also an important part of the orchestra. You can see that sometimes there is an acoustic guitar in the theater. Though this is quite rare, but in some masterpieces, this instrument is used as the special factor. You can see this musical instrument can play well with others, such as piano, violin or saxophone.

Basically, acoustic guitar is an unplugged musical instrument which doesn’t use the electricity to create sounds. It is quite light in weight and made from wood. Another feature that makes this type of guitar popular is that it is quite portable. You can bring it with you everywhere unlike piano or the drum. It is one of the best companions for people who love music and travelling. The strings are made from metal so if you don’t play this type frequently, your fingers might be hurtled when strumming or performing special techniques. An acoustic guitar can perform in many types of music such as classial music, country, jazz or even flamenco because of its ability of emotional expression.

Acoustic guitar often has:

  • Narrower frets in comparison with classical guitar
  • Thinner sound board, there is often a hard sticker near the sound hole to decorate and protect the guitar from being scratched when using the pick.
  • Some of them has additional parts for stage performances.

Renaissance & Baroque guitar

It is the former version of the modern guitar. In comparison with classic guitar, it is smaller and gentle with smaller sounds. It is similar to 12 – string guitar in the number and arrangement of strings, but it only has 3 to 4 pairs, not 6 pairs. Baroque guitar is used to be the background instrument as well as soloist and was often found in concerts till 16 centuries.

Comparing to Baroque guitar with flat sound board, Renaissance guitar is perfectly decorated with layers of wood and ivory running along the guitar board and neck.

Replica Renassance Guitar

Classical Guitar

This musical instrument was first invented 150 years ago. It is the acoustic guitar type with 6 nylon strings and gentle and soft sound production. People use this guitar in various types of music and concert such as Spain music, folk, jazz or in the orchestra.

Classical guitar belongs to the string family with the sound width of 3 over 8. Classical guitar is made from various types of wood and is about 1 meter in height. This type of guitar was very popular back to the 18th and 19th centuries, but smaller in shape.

Flamenco Guitar

This type of guitar is quite similar to classical guitar in the structure and shape, but a little bit lighter and often made from the wood of Picea. The tuning pegs are similar to those of violin, but they recently have been changed to normal pegs like other types of guitar.

Another special feature in flamenco guitar is that there is a pad called goldpeadores used to protect the guitar. This is one of the most important features in flamenco style.

Flat – Top Guitar

This one is also similar to classical music. However, there are some differences that can be seen easily. First of all, the size of the string is bigger. Next feature is the guitar neck. It is narrower and stronger.

Steel strings make the melody brighter, according to many people, the sounds are louder as well. Flat –top guitar is often used in country, bluegrass and jazz music.

12 – String Guitar

The number of strings is 12 – double the string quantity of a normal guitar. Each pair of strings can form a sound height. With this type of guitar, a guitarist can play 2 parts as 2 different players playing together.

12 string guitar

Because of the property of this 12 – string guitar, the harmony of this guitar is very high and provides a positive effect on audiences.

Fretless bass guitar

This type of guitar has no frets, and it was first made in 1970s. This guitar is used widely as the traditional double bass guitar. This instrument allows the player to glide smoothly through notes so as to change the sounds. A fretless bass guitar can produce various types of sound and is perfectly fit to the nature of rock and jazz music which requires the sound dynamic.

This article can’t describe all the types of guitar, so in this post, I can only show some of the most common one for you. If you want to see the real guitar and choose the best one in order to start playing guitar, don’t hesitate to visit my website. I have just the perfect choice for you. And if you have any questions, I would be delighted to solve them for you. Have a good time with guitar and music!

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