Playing a musical instrument is a challenging task for almost everybody, especially for beginners. It’s quite simple to know some basic chords and play song in easy ways, but when you proceed higher levels, it would be such a difficult task to control your hands correctly. In addition, playing guitar is about imagination and creation, that’s why not many people can be a good guitarist. Below are some of my experiences after 5 years playing guitar. It is not the guideline for you to be a star right away, but you have to know these simple rules so that the guitar would be easier to master. You can shorten your training time with this instrument if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Learning how to play the guitar

  1. The Basic Rule When Learning Guitar:

Anyone can learn to play the guitar. Unlike other instruments such as piano, violin or saxophone, guitar is very cheap and familiar even to people who don’t know anything about musical instruments. Playing guitar is not hard at first, but you have to be patient and spend time practicing with it so as to find out the way to play yourself.

Basically, a guitar player’s level is estimated through the way he or she plays a song. The quality and the power of the guitar performance depends on 3 rules:

Guitar for everyone

  • Guitar recognition: The way you play the guitar illustrates your knowledge about this instrument and how much you really know about performing guitar. You can develop your recognition by listening to your own performance as well as other’s so that you will have different points of view. This will help you to know all your pros and cons, thus improve your guitar level.
  • Finger condition and usage: Your guitar performance relies on your fingers. They decide how many notes and chords you can play in a song. If you can make use of all 10 fingers in each hand with such a great quality, there’s no doubt that your song would be more complicated and colorful and can express more emotions than normal.
  • Nails usage and contact: It is very important to know how to control the nails and how they contact with the guitar strings. The nails are used in order to produce sounds from chords. The quality and power of the sounds depend on how the nails contact with the string. If you make it too hard or too soft, the guitar won’t be played on your desire. That’s why you have to practice your nails as well as the fingers in order to make your guitar sounds clean and beautiful.

Theses 3 rules connect to each other and are considered as the fundamental rules when learning to play the guitar. You will begin with the basic shape of the nails that allow you to practice your right hand first. When you know all the poses and correct moves, you can adjust the fingers and nails to suit with your play styles. In this progress, you will be instructed by your desired guitar sounds. However, how good is your guitar skill is decided by your knowledge and recognition of guitar.

  1. Apply the rules when learning guitar:

According to 3 important rules for beginners, we have to try over and over, then understand them:

  • When playing guitar for the first time, the first lesson you have to remember is the sitting pose and hand form. They are extremely important because they create favorable condition for the guitarist to play this instrument. A little trick for beginners is that you should “stand up” when playing guitar before sitting down. It would be difficult, but you will feel better when sitting down and get used to it faster.
  • Your strumming moves should be gentle and accurate, not too strong or too weak. The contact between strings and nails must be slight and fast, so that it would not produce annoying noises coming along with the chord’s sounds. Your fingers should be put in the guitar neck with enough strength or else the pressure on the guitar string could make them slip away from the frets.
  • The left parts of the right finger tips have to be put firmly on the strings before the moment you pick them to produce sounds and avoid making unexpected sounds.
  • Make sure you notice about guitar practice time. You don’t have to spend hours a day to play well. 30 minutes on a daily basis is fine, but you should be patient in order to have good results. If you feel boring and tired when practicing guitar, that means you don’t have a passion for this type of musical instrument. Better find another hobby instead of wasting time with no use.

Learning the guitar

  • Try to know more about the scale. Guitar is not all about chords, if you know about scales and notes, you can modify your songs and generate your own play style. There are many types of guitar playing style such as Fingerstyle, Classic, Flamenco… so you should know about them before going to the next steps and pursuing further guitar techniques.
  1. Choosing the guitar

If you are a beginner, you should buy a guitar under $70, not too bad with basic quality. However, the sound produced from cheap guitar can’t be compared to high quality ones with higher prices.

After 1 or 2 years playing, you should change your partner and choose it wisely. There are thousands of guitar type on the market, therefore selecting one that suits you If not easy at all. You should play some song to find out about the sounds and whether there are any manufacturing faults about the products or not.

Playing guitar is not easy, but it is an effective way to express yourself and be a people’s favorite. You can learn to play this instrument yourself or attend a guitar class for more professional instruction and training. Don’t be worried if you can’t play guitar well at first, if you are passionate about the guitar and practice keenly, you will achieve outstanding results in such a short time.

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