From the ancient time, people were aware of the importance of music to human life and culture. Music is one of the most beautiful masterpieces created by human creativity. Music produces a kind of pleasure and enjoyment that people can’t find anywhere else. In addition, playing any kind of musical instrument can bring many advantages to not only your mind but also your physical condition. It is also a good way to make friends with people around you and expand your relationship. In this article, we won’t show you how to choose an instrument or how to play one, but we really want to nurture the love of music inside you with these benefits of playing a musical instrument as below.

Choosing to play a musical instrument

Playing Musical Instrument Can Greatly Increase the Ability of Your Memory

Using music in mental and physical treatment has always been one of the most effective methods to people who are suffering from mental illness. That’s the reason why there are so many researchers about the impacts of musical instrument to our brain and memory. In the latest one, scientists indicated that the music has positive impacts on the memory children from age 3 to 4 when they are educated with music. Their ability to remember things as well as communicate with each other increase greatly after attending music lessons or instrument lessons. In fact, these activities don’t impact directly to the IQ of those children but their emotions and moods. When the mood is raised to a certain level, we can easily detect that other mental and physical activities will occur in a faster sequence and give a better result.

Playing the violin

In addition, children who are trained regularly with music – related activities can react better and smarter to unpredicted situations as well as better at memorizing things. The effect of musical instrument practicing to our mind last for long time, not only short time like “Mozart effect”.

Playing Musical Instruments Helps Us to Manage Time and Organize Things Better

This might be weird but once you’ve learned how to play a musical instrument will help you to have a better definition of time and how to spend time effectively. A good musician will always know how to use focus on the productivity of his practice sessions more than the quantity of it. It can be applied in your life more than you can imagine. Efficiency time users will know how to use their time correctly as well as organize things better to save time and efforts.

Increase Skills in Team – Building

In life, a person must know how to co – operate with his or her teammates so as to achieve the tasks successfully. The situation is the same when you learn to play a musical instrument. No matter who you are – an amateur or a professional musician, there must be some occasions that you must co – operate with other colleagues to perform on stage. That’s why your team skills are improved since you play a musical instrument.

Music bands


Working with instruments as a team is such a difficult task because you have to know when to play, complete your task and listen to others so as to form the best performance. Just a little mistake can ruin the whole effort of the team. It gives you lots of pressure but also a source of motivation for you to move on and be a better person with excellent team skills.

It Takes Time to Be a Good Musician, Even Lots of Time to Be a Great One

Unlike other things, people can’t master any kinds of a musical instrument at once. To be a good musician with basic skills, a normal person needs to work hard and practice with high patience. No one can play a complete piece of music for the first time. It is the result of repeated work and perseverance. Even with famous musicians, to play a piece of music perfectly, they have to read the sheets over and over to find out the best way of performance.

Better Combination of Mind and Body

Playing a musical instrument means using both of your mind and body. That means you have to train your hand – eye coordination so as to control the instrument as desired. Reading notes or chords requires your brain to work and then convert them to the moves of your fingers and hands. Sometimes with difficult patterns, you have to work even harder than when solving Maths problems. That leads to the enhance of your coordination.

Rock band

Better at Maths

Basically, musicians are people who are quite good at Maths. You might think that Maths has nothing in common with music, but the truth is another way around. In fact, reading notes as well as chords need some certain calculations as Maths.

Researchers indicate that the part of the human brain works the most when solving Mathematic problems and reading music sheets are the same. That’s why you can train one with another way if that way can make you feel more interested in. Moreover, students who are excel at Maths often play instruments better than others. So if you want to play guitar or piano well, your Maths skills should be fine at least. Achieving high scores in Maths means that you might have a high chance to be good at playing musical instruments in comparison with other students.


As you can see, they are just basic advantages when playing a kind of musical instrument, and that’s not all of them. That’s why we should respect and hold music in high – esteem. Music is about experiencing and enjoyment, so just get started even though you don’t know much about it. Rome wasn’t built in one day. You should take one step at a time and see what music can bring to your life. If you have any questions about musical instruments or want to start playing one, don’t hesitate to leave a message and we’ll help you out with what we have. With music, we are one!

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