When listening to the piano on the best vinyl player, you can help but want to learn to play this amazing piano. And because the piano needs a lot of practicing and time, you want to invest for a piano in order to enrich your skill. However, with many brands of piano on the market, you may find yourself get lost and hard to decide which piano is the right one for your pocket and usability.

Piano keys

The method of selecting a piano should be follow the order of some below criteria.

Demand: By defining your demand, it will help you to optimize costs and narrow down the range in the case of limited budget. Normally, 80% of buyers are the new guys with little knowledge about the instrument. At this very beginning stage, buyers should focus on learning the basic knowledge about piano so choosing the right one is not too difficult. In addition, rather than buying for learning objective, piano can be a décor inferior that can give the luxury and classic feel for the house or the place. In this case, the figure and material of the piano are the main elements for decision making. There are many kinds of piano such as black or wood color, red cockroach, straight leg or angulation. Therefore, you should know what your purpose of buying the piano to make the decision.

Brands: There are many brands of piano manufacturers. Some famous brands are known for the ability to produce such as quality instrument with the characteristics of stability of quality, variety and price range.

Budget: Currently, there is a price range for the buying decisions. Buyers can choose the standard piano with cheaper price or the advanced piano with really high price. In addition, there is 90% of the piano on the market is used piano. Users are still fond on those used pianos produced in Japan, Germany…for the price advantage and quality of the instrument. These countries have a long history of producing pianos for the world and the pianos produced in the early 1990s are highly valued for their structural components made from high quality natural wood.

Compared with the new genuine products with the price ranging from $12,000 to $20,000 USD, the choice of a used instrument which only costs 10-12% of the price with 80-90% of quality is the most favorable choice at the time for limited budget.

And below are some tips when choosing a piano for your need.

How to Choose the Brand

In the market of instrument, the brand of the instrument is represented for the quality of the product. The reputation of the brand is not defined by marketing and the manufacturers but by the evaluation of customers after using the instrument from time to time.

Piano is a sophisticated instrument that requires a lot of skills and time devoted and the instrument is implemented to perfection that it can no longer add any detail to its underlying structure. On the other hand, more than 70% of the product details cannot be assemble by machines but rely on the skillful hands of artisans and makers. Moreover, piano is a product to perform in the public or in the classical orchestra where there are people know more than basic about classical music. Therefore, only minor incidents ruin the music works also mean the prestige of the piano brand is degraded. As the result, manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the quality of their branded products.

Based on the brand position on the market to choose the piano is not only a safe solution to get quality instrument but the choice also indicates the level of knowledge of the buyers.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Piano

Each piano model of each brand has different styles, sizes and colors. We need to determine the purpose of use and the location that you intend to put the instrument in order to choose the most suitable model.

Grand piano

There are two types of piano: upright and grand piano. The upright is designed to be placed in a small space. With bigger space such as open space and big living room, people usually place the grand piano. For the concern hall, the stage or the grand hall of the hotel, the grand piano is the best choice. The grand piano is the instrument for performance, so for student who specialize in the piano major, nothing is better than practice on it. However, if the interior is small, the grand piano can be replaced by the upright.

In addition, we need to think about other elements such as the color of the wall, styles and equipment available in the room to choose the best model of piano.

Warranty Registration of the Piano

Perhaps our society nowadays has so many cheating cases, therefore, many customers want to be given a certificate of origin, which is commonly referred to as “CO”. Actually, the CO is issued by the State’s trading agency when exported. It is only worth declaring customs determines whether the import tax is preferential or not and does not entail any trade mark or product quality. A second-handed shop still has CO which is made from Japan or Germany while the piano quality is not assured. In this regard, perhaps sellers often make up for the brand name to gain the trust from customers in the used products.

The second-handed piano is a better investment but the cost is not small. So, in order to have a quality piano, we need the quality assurance. Registering warranty with the manufacturer is the first step to ensure the product quality. Only authorized distributors and agents of the brand name can provide us with these warrant procedures.

Warranty procedures are only provided to the original buyer, Often manufacturers specify: “once the product is sold to the first customer, the warranty immediately expired. This regulation is a guarantee to us to not mistakenly buy refurbished products.

Warranty registration: Usually the warranty is the first warranty is the first customer registration is sent to genuine. Thanks to this, we can completely eliminate the case of fraud, counterfeit and refurbishment. In fact, brand will detect the above cases and notify customers (or automatically rejected and returned to the manufacturers)

Evaluation Sound Quality of the Piano

Testing piano

The most important thing about instrument is the sound quality produced. However, for some beginners, this is hard to know which one is the best piano. Most of the details of the piano are made from wood. In nature, there are no similar 100% wood logs. So, each instrument is made up different tones that you must try to choose to fit your own preferences. If the buyer does not have specialized music background, it is better to have someone knows about piano to accompany for advices. You should play some pieces on the piano to make more rational decision.

Above are some information and tips for buying a piano. Hopefully you can choose the best piano for your preferences.

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