Learning to do anything is hard, even if you are a fast – learner. Furthermore, a musical instrument is even harder to master. Some particular types require years of practicing and performing. That’s the reason why there are so many people interested in playing musical instruments but not all of them can be a good player. If you don’t have time to dig deeper into some kinds of complicated instrument, easy ones in this list might be suitable for you. This article will introduce some of the easiest musical instruments that can be played in few days practicing. Especially, you don’t have to know much about music theories to enjoy playing music with these basic instruments.

1. Ukulele

It might look like a tiny guitar, but the truth is this musical instrument is completely different from its cousin. It is called Ukulele. Born in Hawaii, this instrument was first introduced in Hawaiian music as some songs with Hula dances. Later when becoming more popular around the world, the ukulele is also used in pop music.

Hawaiian Ukulele

A typical ukulele has four strings with the different key tone in comparison with the guitar. Anyone can play ukulele because it is very easy, not to say it is ten times easier than guitar. Learning how to strum the ukulele and some basic chords, you can sing a complete song within 2 or 3 days. In addition, the strings are made from nylon so as to fit with the tiny soundboard. It is much more comfortable for you to strum or pick the ukulele strings.

The sounds produced by ukulele are very funny and catchy as well. Ukulele means Leaping Flea in Hawaiian. Moreover, the price is very cheap for people to own one.

2. Xylophone

Well, this is one of the most common instruments that we played when we were kids. With a few adjustments, it becomes the real xylophone. To play this type of instrument, you don’t need to know much about the notes and even nothing about chords. Just play it as long as you can keep the rhythms and the tempo correct from the beginning to the end.

This is just the basic instrument, so don’t be too confident that you can perform well with just a xylophone. Once you’ve mastered it, try something more complicated so as to improve the skills. For example, you can challenge yourself in playing balafon or learn to play the African marimba. The sounds would be such an upgrade in comparison with the simple xylophone, and of course, these instruments require more advanced techniques.

3. Autoharp

Though this is the beginner’s choice, its price is might burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why you should consider carefully before owning this musical instrument.


This kind of harp is designed for people who don’t know about chords and strings. The strings are attached to some bars that can be held down easily forming desired chords. With the help of this automatic harp, playing folk music won’t be too hard as you think.

4. Pianica

This type of instrument is the simple version of a piano. Unlike organs or pianos when you have to use both hands to play, with pianica, the keys are simplified so that you can play all chords with one hand.

This musical instrument was first used as a tool in music education. Later because of its portability, it is also used in songs as a normal musical instrument.

5. Kazoo

This is one of the simplest instrument in the world! You don’t need to know anything to play the kazoo, just blow it and control the pitch with your blow to make sounds. And of course, apart from the buzzing sound, there would be nothing more you can do with it.

It is still called a musical instrument, but only for laziest people. In addition, the price is incredibly cheap. You can buy one for your children to know get used to an instrument.

6. Bongo

The bongo belongs to percussion family. It is quite easy to play comparing to its cousins. If you don’t have time to play drums, or it is too complicated for you to hold the sticks and control all of them, this would be the greater choice for you.

The bongo is often used in Cuba – where it was born. Bongo fits very well with colorful and energetic Latin music. People who love the music of countries such as Argentia, Brazil or Cuba would be very keen on this type of instrument.


However, playing bongo in advanced level requires you to be good at tempo and rhythm. In addition, the patterns are countless, so you need to try all of them so as to keep up with all the songs you can performance.

7. Harmonica

This reed instrument is one of the most famous ones because of its magical sounds. The harmonica can be used in a wide range of music genre such as pop, jazz, rock… It would be a good choice to learn to play the harmonica. It can be played alone or combine with other instruments.

The price of a harmonica varies from $10 to $40 according to the size, type of material. This instrument is easy to play and easy to bring along. It can help you to be the center of the party anytime, anywhere.

8. Triangle

This might be the funniest instrument I’ve ever played in my life. It doesn’t require you to be good at anything except for perfect timing. The existence of the triangle in orchestras is undeniable though it might just play one or two notes in the whole piece.

So you can have a look at 8 easiest types of musical instrument that I can list here. They are easy to control indeed, but the sound of them can’t be compared to more complicated instruments. That’s the reason why you should use these instruments to get used to the harmony, beats, and tempo before moving on and pick up the suitable one be a real music player with another complicated one such as guitar or piano.

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