An Electric Piano

Electric pianos are great options for players of all ages and levels, not just beginners. This music instrument has the same key + key size as the acoustic piano. Electric pianos have the weight of the keyboard at many levels, and the weight is also divided into different systems. At the same time, you do not spend too much space indoors to put your instrument. Electric pianos do not need to worry about proper adjustment.

Electric pianos are the perfect instruments for modern music. The sound of the electric piano is very audible and is easy to record with advanced functions. Classical music from electric pianos is still excellent. If you choose to go professional or perform, then you need to choose acoustic piano, because the details of each sound and beat. So, if you are a beginner piano player, then you should decide to buy electric pianos instead of expensive acoustic piano. The article below will point to three important features when choosing to buy an electric piano.

Keyboard System: The Weight and The Sensitivity of The Piano Keys

One of the strengths of the electric piano is that they are designed to simulate the sound and feel of the real piano. This depends heavily on the keyboard system, the chip and the transmitter of manufacturers. When you play a key on a traditional piano, you can feel the weight and sensitivity depending on the force of the strong or light fingers. An excellent electric piano helps the player feel like playing on a real piano. Despite the use of smart chips, they can not imitate the tone and sensitivity of the acoustic piano keys. You only have the feel of an electric piano keyboard at a level that is nearly or similar to an acoustic piano. The sensitivity and weight of the keys are difficult to simulate correctly. The individual properties of the piano are only obtained by a complex mechanical system, called the action of the acoustic piano. The electric piano only tries to simulate the feel of the piano keyboard. Electric piano keys can not produce the exact sound acoustic piano keyboard for your style of music. This is like enjoying nature sounds. No matter what you use best record players so you can not feel the noise of the flowing water, the wind, the rain of nature.

Learning on a electric piano

The audio technology will reproduce the sound coming from the famous pianos such as Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Bechstein. Modern technology can accurately imitate every piano note, but electric pianos can not mimic the tone of chords from muscle pianos with complex harmony and far-reaching resonance. This comes from the wooden sound membrane, also known as the heart of the piano. So, you should play on the acoustic piano in a long time before choosing an electric piano. Then you will feel the difference between the two types of acoustic and electric piano. You will know which piano gives you the most real sense of the key. Of course, when choosing an electric piano, you have to accept this. Therefore, you must choose the electric piano with the sound and the feel of the key similar to the acoustic piano.

The Sound Quality of Electric Piano

Just like cars, electric pianos have many types in the same brand. Therefore, each electric piano line has many different points. In many cases, experienced players will find it easy to find a piano of sound quality that matches the amount invested. But with today’s modern technology, beginners, and average players will very difficult to distinguish the electric piano sound of different brands. Therefore, to choose a good electric piano, the first thing is to look at the brand. Another advantage of electric pianos is that you can create the sound of the piano with organ, guitar and drum music. Therefore, electric pianos are very convenient for composers.

The Design of Electric Piano

When considering the design of an electric piano, you can notice three different points: material, quality of electrical equipment and control interface.

Choosing a piano

#1 The material of electric piano: Most electric pianos have similar designs with all the necessary components, but the colors, decor, and materials are not the same. The differences between the pianos are the integrated features such as speakers, electronic chips, amplifiers, electronic devices. Also, you should also consider the mobility factor of the electric piano. If you need to move the electric piano to some locations such as restaurants, cafes, music schools, then you need to choose a piano with a lightweight, easy-to-remove design.

#2 The quality of electrical equipment:  Some believe that old electric pianos have better quality than new electric pianos. Solid wood pianos are better than pianos made from plywood. Personally, I think that sound technology continues to grow and better every year. Therefore, the new electric piano will have good features and sound, even if it is made of plywood. However, if you can not afford new Piano at high prices, then you should choose an old electric piano at a reasonable price. This is also a good choice.

#3 The control interface of an electric piano: The console is a particular part of the electric piano. With a console of the electric pianos, you will easily play and comfortably use with your needs. You should choose an electric piano with a user-friendly interface for easy use and study.

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