new sketch cards!

Josie and the Pussycats, 9″x12″ YESSS


Ah geez, having to watch shows on Netflix, I’m always so behind! Only caught up through the end of Season 4 of Breaking Bad but it’s the best.


Man oh man, I am so pumped after EA’s showing at E3 yesterday. Dragon Age: Inquisition, why must I wait a year and a half for you? And for you, Morrigan??


Michonne from The Walking Dead



Clarice Starling!


Samantha Traynor, the real hero of Mass Effect 3.

Liara T’Soni, junior archaeologist.

Tomb Raider (2013)! This game is even better than I’d hoped or anticipated. And it’s all about Lara Croft saving her girlfriend and you know it!

Snowbird from Alpha Flight! She’s just so super rad I can hardly stand it.

Alice: The boy. Is he dead, too?

Cop: Who?

Alice: The boy. Jason.

Cop: Jason?

Alice: In the lake, the one – the one who attacked me – the one who pulled me underneath the water.

Cop: Ma’am…we didn’t find any boy.

Alice: But…then he’s still out there.

Honestly, though, if you don’t think Snake Plissken is the coolest dude ever then I’m not sure what we have left to say to each other.

Aria & Nyreen from Mass Effect 3‘s Omega DLC woo!

And a quick Harry Potter head sketch for a friend. Man, I think I only want to do fast stuff inked with a Sharpie from now on. It’s…you know. Fast.

blast off

Today is the day Womanthology: Space #1 hits stands at your local comic shop, aw yeah! The anthology features the debut of my newest comic, Space Girls. It’ll soon be launching (HA HA LAUNCHING) as a webcomic, but for now you can check it out alongside some kickass space stories by the likes of Ming Doyle, Bonnie Burton, Stephanie Hans, and more.

Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3…the only female protagonist in the eight Silent Hill games, what the heck.

Jill Valentine of Resident Evil, getting it done.

Dazzler! The OG disco version. I’ll probably do the 80s aerobics Dazzler later…man, Marvel just dumped every trend on her, didn’t they?

Who loved Thundarr the Barbarian (and Princess Ariel and Ookla the Mok) so much? Me that’s who

Fallout New Vegas

Fired up Fallout: New Vegas for a while and man, I’d almost forgotten how great it is. Cass is awesome and my current companion/follower, so here she is on a sketch card.

And my favorite weirdo couple, Tabitha and Rhonda.

Veronica and her Power Fist gettin’ it done!