Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

BioWare recently announced some post-game cutscenes and epilogue-y material to provide unhappy Mass Effect 3 fans with “clarity and closure”. Here’s what I’m expecting to see based on the final scene I got in the game!

2 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

  1. I legit rolled off my seat laughing at this. I feel you, bro. Also, I’m not going to get anything else done now that I’ve found your site. Thanks a LOT.


  2. In the spirit of saving you time, here is the Cliffs Notes version of my site!

    “Mass Effect, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, buy this thing I made, I love kittens, BioWare, I want pizza, buy this other thing I made, Dragon Age, someone buy some art.”


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