this weekend!

Hey everyone, just a heads up: I’ll be at Boston Comic-Con this weekend, sitting in on the Womanthology panel on Saturday and setting up and sketching at the Womanthology booth…at some point. I’ll be posting times on Twitter, so follow me there if’n you want to know. If you’re going to be around at the show, find me and say hi! I promise it will be awkward.


So in addition to all the Mass Effect 3 hullabaloo, BioWare also announced the cancellation of a Dragon Age 2 expansion pack. They’re going to focus their efforts on Dragon Age 3 and that’s fine or whatever but man, no more Isabela. For now, at least- I’m hoping DA3 is full of, you know, all my favorite characters, which would pretty much be everyone except Sten. And Oghren. And Fenris. Anyway, in my grief over the announcement, I did this sketchcard.