So here’s a work in progress, waiting on inks and colors…though I don’t know if I’ll actually color it or not (MY KINGDOM FOR INSTANT COMPUTER COLORING ABILITIES). Anyway, it’s different than my usual stuff, and it’s reinforced for me that I’ve been drawing for 491839 years, but I’m still struggling to find my style. Well, my non-stick figure style, anyway. You know what I mean.

I can’t even DEAL…

…with all of my feelings over this Compass Rose picture by Meng Zhang.

I will never ever EVER get tired of seeing other people draw my characters. It’s the BEST THING EVER.

There will be prints of this available soon. I can’t wait to get one and hang it on my wall…although I may never leave the house again after that, because I’m just going to be staring at it ALL THE TIME.

News you can use!

Well, to be truthful, I’m not sure exactly how much you can use this news, but hey. I had to put something up there in the post title area and at least it rhymes. But on to said news, be it useful or not!

So. What is going on with me? Some things. Some things like:

  • RPG continues apace! Aside from the weekly webcomic, I’m working on a Compass Rose solo story (SAY WHAT) and the sketchbook. The sketchbook should be interesting because to be honest, I don’t really sketch. But other people do, and their work will be featured alongside mine…like my Mr. Murder Is Dead cohort Brent Schoonover, for one. Check out this sketch he did of Karen the Black. IT IS SO BOSS! I gotta say, other people drawing my characters…it is a great thing that gives me feelings.

  • Slashers 101 is still going strong! Which, I mean, it should be since it’s fairly new, right? Right. Here’s a new review over at Guy.com. Give it a read!
  • The ever-delightful Richard Harland Smith of TCM’s Movie Morlocks and I are in the midst of a conversation about slasher flicks and much more. Part One is now available for your eyes- he went and titled it The Initiation of Stacie, and of this I could not be more thrilled. All those The Something of Someone movies are one of my favorite things about the 1970s! EDITED TO ADD: Part Two is now online!
  • Womanthology: Heroic will finally be released on March 7th! There’s a big, fat RPG story in there and lots more. So much more. It’s an incredible book, trust me.
  • Dudes, Mass Effect 3 is out on March 6th. I’ve never anticipated anything so much ever! Ever! EVARRRR! No really, ever.

I think that’s it. I know, not too exciting. But what else should I tell you? I am enjoying living in Maine. (There is some really great pizza here, and it’s also pretty. I have not seen a moose yet, though, and I have to admit, it’s a little disappointing.)


Slashers 101 is a 24-page, black and white mini-comic (or “ashcan”). It’s sort of my love letter to slasher movies in that it’ll break ‘em down and build ‘em up for you. Want to know what makes a slasher movie a slasher movie? This will tell you! I talk about films you’ve likely seen and maybe some you haven’t. I talk about weapons, masks, hairdos, and all sorts of stuff…

…all for only $5! That’s right, this baby is $5. Unless you buy the sketch edition, mind you, which is $10- but it comes with an original drawing (by me) right on the back cover! And you tell me what to draw! Pretty neat, really. Here are a couple of the sketches I’ve done for folks:

So yeah, you get the idea.


What to know what other people think of Slashers 101? Check these out!

Do you review comics and/or horror stuff? Want a PDF of Slashers 101? Hit me up at stacieponder at gmail dot com.

And FYI: I go to the post office but once a week.

And guys, please keep the sketch requests reasonable. They are only small and cheap! I give you more than your money’s worth in them, but saying “a sketch from Black Christmas” is better than “these ten characters from these ten movies dancing while on a shopping spree at the mall from The Initiation“, you know? Thanks!

BTW, I love The Initiation.