Potema, the Wolf Queen

From my Skyrim comic blog thing (on Tumblr or Blogger…ooo, choice of platform!):

As a big ol’ real-life and in-game book nerd, I was perhaps a little too excited about the whole Potema quest line. I devoured every volume of The Wolf Queen biography in Oblivion and found her (along with Barenziah) to be a fascinating character from the history of Tamriel. Seriously, her (condensed) bio is worth a read.

Then WHAT! In Skyrim she’s resurrected and I can head into the catacombs and fight her? An “unambiguously evil”, psychopathic, power-mad necromancer surrounded by an army of the undead? Unbelievable. I took my time and savored these quests, the very idea of them made them my favorite in the game.

Ultimately, though, it was a bit of a disappointment in the end. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but it felt much like any other battle in the game: a few draugr deathlords and Potema herself, who remained in blue, glowy spectral form. She talked more smack than most enemies, but that was about it. But no matter! I haven’t dorked out on any other quest quite so much, so that made the experience memorable regardless.


For a change of pace from the stick figures, I thought I’d bust out some watercolors…and so I did, and here is a quick-ish movie poster for Blasto, the Hanar Spectre from Mass Effect 2. It’s based on one of this poster for the James Bond flick From Russia With Love. I haven’t watercolored in a lonnnnng time so I’m pretty rusty, but it was fun. It’s about 9″x12″…oh, and I got lazy on the titles and just did them in Photoshop. SO SUE ME