It’s the final countdown

Do do do dooo

Do do do do dooo

Do do do dooo

Do do do do do do dooo

Et cetera.

The final countdown for what, you’re asking? Why, for the RPG Kickstarter, of course! It is less than a week until it’s all over (December 4). My, how time flies when you’re something something.

But! It’s still going strong, and the stronger it goes, the more RPG goodness I can make. As of this writing, there are still amazing incentive rewards to be had, like:

  • RPG page 41- original art- signed by moi and Felicia Day
  • The original art for the alternate cover to Pocket Hams and Troll Fats: RPG Collected, Volume 1 by the amazing Chrissie Zullo
  • A sketch of an RPG character by Fiona effing Staples (why, even I don’t know who she’s going to draw- ooh, mystery)
  • A page of original art from the forthcoming Dragon Age digital comic drawn by the mighty Chad Hardin (comic published by BioWare and Dark Horse)
  • The opportunity for you to be made into a super hero by actress/writer Brea Grant- she’ll sketch ya and give you super powers and all sorts of cool stuff
  • RPG prints by me, Renae De Liz, and Meng Zhang
  • AND a super secret gonna-be-revealed soon reward that might have something to do with pocket ham. That’s right.

So become a backer! Tell your friends and your “social” “networking” cyber comrades! It’s good for your charisma AND your speechcraft, I swear.


Y’all.┬áIn the interests of fundraising and consumerism, I’ve marked some of my Kickstarter big-ticket items 25% off for today only!! Dragon Age comic art, an RPG page signed by Felicia Day, the original effing COVER ART for the RPG collection and more…amazing. TRAMPLE EACH OTHER IN A CYBER FASHION TO GET THESE DEALS! Kickstarter power!

Kickstarter is still kickin’!

Awwwwww yeaaaaaaah, my RPG Kickstarter campaign is still chugging onward and upward! New videos revealed, new rewards unlocked, like…the newest one, which I’m so excited about I can’t stand it.

See, POCKET HAMS AND TROLL FATS: RPG COLLECTED, VOL 1 will feature not one but TWO covers! Yes it’s true. One cover will be by me, and one by…drrrrummm rolllll…Chrissie Zullo, DC Comics cover artist/artist extraordinaire. And the new reward? You can own Chrissie’s original cover art.


I know. I love Chrissie’s work so so much and I am SO PUMPED that she’s doing a cover for RPG. Can’t believe it! I mean…LOOK.

Oh, and spread the word about the Kickstarter!

raisin’ funds

So…you know my webcomic RPG, right? WELL. I just launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the publication of a print edition. And because people are so so incredibly awesome, I’ve already met my fundraising goal…with 27 days left! I can’t believe it. I WON’T believe it.


Okay, I *will* believe it, but it’s still rather flabbergasting. I haven’t even unlocked and revealed the awesome secret super incentive prizes yet! Won’t you…oh, won’t you check out the campaign page? Maybe spread the word? I love RPG and I’m excited to see how far I can take it with resources behind me. YEAH COMICS!!