Tallis & Hawke!

BioWare is hosting a wee art contest to celebrate the release of “Mark of the Assassin” (DLC for Dragon Age II) and the webseries Dragon Age: Redemption. Both feature Felicia Day as Tallis, an elven rogue who does lots of rogue-y stuff.
So, like, I totally entered. Here’s Hawke and Tallis, doin’ some sneaking around on a rooftop in Orlais!

Want some Avengers comic art?

UPDATE: The pages done been sold! Thanks so much!!

WELL, you can have some in this sweet sweet package deal. Check it out!


Two pages from Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #10: Black Widow, inked by me (Stacie Ponder), penciled by Rodney Buchemi. The inks are on 11″ x17″ Bristol boardĀ over PRINTED BLUE LINES.

Each page features: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nova, Black Widow, and Sue Storm (Invisible Woman). WHOA. Here they are:

YOU ALSO GET: a full color sketchcard! Of a character of your very own choosing!

All this for $100 plus shipping. Hit me up (stacieponder at gmail.com). Buy some comic art and impress all your neighbors!