Total emergency art sale!

Hello, friends! Check it out: I am moving Stately Ponder Manor allllll the way across the USA. All the way! Coast to coast! And I am super excited about it. SUPER. So excited, you have no idea. As you may or may not know, a move such as this is wicked expensive and thus, all the money I can get is helpful. So…I need to sell some art. Stuff I’ve already done! Commissions! Et cetera! All on sale! Here’s the dealies:

These are going to be only $15 each! Including shipping! What a deal. Check the gallery- if you see a card you like and it doesn’t say “commission” and/or “sold”, then it’s still sitting here and it’s available for purchase. There’s all sorts of horror movie, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy and blah blah blah cards just for you. I’m also available for commissions, so whatever you want, let me know. A Wolverine card? Okay. Your mom on a card? Sure. Me? Done. Your character from World of Warcraft? Yup. Just let me know.

Liara is the best! Take her home.

Stick figures don’t have to be on sketchcards, you know. Why, check this out. It is not a card! It is 5″x7″.Let me know what you want and we’ll talk price.

You know my webcomic, RPG? Well, I’ve got a bunch of pages sitting around. You can buy them for $15 a piece! With shipping! That’s pretty neat. Here’s what I’ve got:

pages 1-6,
pages 9-10
pages 13-20
pages 22-23
pages 27-30
pages 32-33
pages 35-40
pages 42-45

Here’s the link to the comic so you can see. In general, the art measures 7.5″x11″ on 9″x12″ Bristol. Some pages are 7.5″x11″ on 11″x14″ Bristol.

What the WHAT? That’s right. For $125, I will make you a character. Or whomever you choose! You want your mom to be a character? Fine. I will also send you the original art pages featuring you. Tell me what you want the character to be (you know, within reason and within the world of the comic), and I will make it so. That’s pretty cool, right? I think so.

Want a painting? Let me know and we’ll figure it out.

EVERYTHING WILL SHIP AND/OR BE DRAWN AND SHIPPED BY THE END OF OCTOBER, AFTER I REACH MY DESTINATION. IT ALL MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE I GO, BECAUSE I NEED THE MONEY FOR THE JOURNEY AND THAT’S PRETTY MUCH THE POINT OF ALL THIS. If you’re okay with that, then let’s do it! Let me know what you want. Paypal me at stacieponder (at) If you’re going to be at New York Comic-Con and you’d like to pick up art rather than have it shipped, let me know and we can do that.

Yeah art! Yeah moving and journeys and whatever! YEAH!

a new card!

I haven’t had much sketch card time lately. But! There was a winner for the contest I had over at my webcomic RPG, and whereas the prize was a sketch card, I…umm…drew one. The winner wanted “Liara and FemShep (Mass Effect) in love”, so here they be! Yay contests, yay love, yay Mass Effect.