a wee update

So, I’m finally doing one of those ongoing weekly webcomics all the kids were raving about ten years ago. It’s called RPG and it’s as fantasy – and nerd-flavored as the title implies. It updates on Mondays and Wednesdays, and it can be found at www.rpgcomic.com. OH YEAH.The other thing I’ve been doing is playing the crap out of Dragon Age II. Hmm. Perhaps I can use “research for RPG” as an excuse for the hours? Or perhaps I can simply use “because I fucking love it” as a reason. Either way, I’ve written (and written…and written) about it over at Jill Sandwich. Read on, and play the damn game! Or vice versa! What else? Ludlow recently played at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, which is pretty dope. It was also nominated for “Best Debut Feature” and “Best Experimental”, but alas, neither award was meant to be. While it sounds terribly cliché, I mean it when I say it was just an honor for my little movie to be nominated. I never really expected much of anyone to even see the damn thing, and any recognition is wonderful.

I’m about to embark on an inking mission that’s going to kick my ass and keep me out of just about everything else, but the end result will be boss! I’m working with me ol’ pal Brent Schoonover, whose pencils I inked for Vincent Price Presents. This graphic novel I’m about to jump on will be ready by San Diego Comic-Con (!!!), so I’ll update whenever possible.

I think that’s all the news I have. My front yard inexplicably smelled like the ocean today, and it’s made me homesick for the east coast. Someone out there, have some fried clams for me. *tear*

Subject Zero!

I loves me some Mass Effect, so I did this sketch card of Jack / Subject Zero from Mass Effect 2. Escape from Purgatory…BOOM!

More stick figure art- including cards of some old squad mates from Mass Effect- can be found right here. I’m available for commissions, so commission away!