LUDLOW, man!

Hey, so you can pre-order Ludlow finally! Should be shipping out in a couple of weeks. Here, I’ll tell you what I told peeps over at Final Girl:

Okay, y’all. After some awesome feedback the other day, I have made a decision, and that decision is thus: Ludlow is now available for pre-order. How “pre” is that pre-order? Well, as soon as I raise enough pre-order dough, I’m getting a mess of these puppies printed up (by “puppies” I mean “DVDs”), and then I’ll mail them out. I’m thinking this should take a couple of weeks…three, maybe?

No waiting for the magic of distribution. No making my computer cry by burning…umm…tens and tens of copies. Fancy shrink-wrappedness and all that.

The price is but mere! MERE I SAY! If you’re in the US (and why aren’t you??), it’s $11 which includes shipping. If you’re not in the US, then it’s $14 including shipping. That’s a pretty good deal, right?

So! What do you get? A DVD, duh. The DVD features the movie (duh), a commentary track for said movie with me and Shannon Lark (warning: informative, but goofy), and 10-minute (or so) interview with Shannon Lark. Oh, and you get good karma for supporting indie horror! And you also get the opportunity to shower me with flames if you hate it.

There you go. Let’s do this shit.

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