Another log on the fire.

Ah, more stuff to make. The short-n-sweet: I’ve had a script for a slasher movie called Diet! Diet! My Darling! sitting around for quite some time now. It’s come thisclose to actual production on many occasions, but something always got in the way; most often it was that jerk called “financing”.

Rather than sit on a good story forever and ever, I decided to make the film on the cheap, with fashion dolls- just like my short film Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear…just like my webseries Space Girls- and with that decision, Diet! Diet! My Darling! is officially in pre-production. I’ve created a website for the film that will be updated regularly all through the process, and right now it’s in the fundraising stage. If you’d like to help out with that- and I know you do!- then visit its IndieGoGo page. Spread the word! Spread the horror! YEAH!