new career possibilities

  • Jedi
  • Tomb Raider, or simply tomb raider
  • Karen O
  • magnate (any variety)
  • necromancer
  • this woman:
  • secretary at Ewing Oil
  • contestant on Match Game
  • mad scientist with God complex
  • Commander Shepard (F)
  • Eowyn of Rohan
  • a member of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
  • a big fucking nerd DONE

me sell comic art

Check it out, man: I just listed every page I inked from IDW’s Star Trek: The Next Generation mini-series on eBay. I’m selling the lot- 64 pages (SAY WHAT) with an opening bid of 99 cents (SAY WHAT WHAT). There are 2 2-page splashes in the mix, plus all the Picard you could ever hope to see. HERE’S THE LISTING…spread the word! If I can’t sell 64 pages of original comic art for at least 99 cents, then…I don’t know. The world would suck.

This could be yours! Yes, YOU!