resident evil!

Stick figure sketchcards added to the gallery: Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield of Resident Evil fame. I’m a huge Resident Evil nerd, but this is really the first RE art I’ve done. I’d love to do a fan comic some day…hmm…

Anyway, I’m not entirely thrilled with these*, but they were great aids in my procrastination this evening.

*too many “grim determination” faces lately…also, not wild about the zombies- if you can tell they’re zombies…

2 thoughts on “resident evil!

  1. Oh hey! Zombies!

    At first glance, I thought the horizon line was just dripping blood.
    You went and made the silhouette of the zombie horde look like dripping blood without even meaning to and that’s awesome!

    As a talented inker with complex thoughts you should try your hand at horror-themed Rorschach cards.
    I’d definitely buy a deck of those…

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