resident evil!

Stick figure sketchcards added to the gallery: Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield of Resident Evil fame. I’m a huge Resident Evil nerd, but this is really the first RE art I’ve done. I’d love to do a fan comic some day…hmm…

Anyway, I’m not entirely thrilled with these*, but they were great aids in my procrastination this evening.

*too many “grim determination” faces lately…also, not wild about the zombies- if you can tell they’re zombies…

do your duty

You know, I wasn’t going to post about Dead Lantern’s 2nd Annual Splatcademy Awards and how my beloved Final Girl has been nominated in the “best horror blog/website” category and how that’s all, like, an honor and stuff and how it would be swell if people would go vote for for me if they felt so inclined because I was, like, “Well, you wrote about it already at Final Girl and on Facebook and MySpace and practically everywhere else, so maybe you shouldn’t mention it here because cyberwhoring is sort of unattractive.” and I was all, “Yeah, maybe you’re right…but then on the other hand, it’s my site and…well, I mean, shouldn’t I promote myself there? Really, if there’s anywhere to do it, it would be there. No one else is going to do it, so why not me?” and I go “Whatevs, man, do what you want, I’m just saying.” and I said “What?” and I go “Naw, nothin’. I am just saying- if you want to post about it, then post about it. It’s your site.” “Damn right, it’s my site!” “I know it is, that’s why I said that.” “Don’t get some big attitude with me!” “I’m not ‘getting’ some ‘big attitude’, so chill the fuck out. Do whatever you want, I really don’t care.” “Oh, I know. I KNOW YOU DON’T CARE. You never care. You never support me. I don’t even know why I bother!” “Look, is this about the pants? I told you those pants were too tight for you because I do care. When you go out and embarrass yourself, you embarrass the both of us.” “But I like those pants!” “Sweetie, I know. But that doesn’t mean that those pants like you.” and then I was quiet for a minute. And then I was, like, “What were we fighting about?” “Ha ha ha,” I go, I go, “Ha ha ha, I totally don’t remember. But let’s not fight. Fighting is so 2008.” and I was all “Yeah.”

So, you know…whatevs.


So, this is my new website, I guess. It was getting to the point where I had crap spread out here and there all across cyberspace and I needed a mothership…or something slightly less nerdy than that.

Anyway, I’m still futzing with the layout and I have no idea what I’m doing, or if I’ll be able to get this site to do what I want it to do. Like that little image thing, the splash of color beneath my name on the right, there? I want to change that and I don’t know how. In the meantime, though, look around, leave comments, tell me I’m pretty, whatevs.

It’s all TERRIBLY EXCITING, isn’t it?