status: alive

writer, artist.

I write, mostly about horror movies. I draw. Sometimes I combine these two abilities and I make webcomics. Sometimes I make movies. Basically, I make stuff.

My writing has been published in/by: Butcher Knives & Body CountsRue Morgue magazine, AMC TV.com, TCM’s Movie Morlocks, Real Simple.com, AfterEllen.com, Sirens of Cinema magazine, Pretty/Scary.net, Bloody-Disgusting.com, and more

I’ve inked comics for: Marvel Comics, Archaia Publishing, IDW publishing, Digital Webbing publishing, Bluewater publishing

Mostly I like working for myself, though. Here’s what I’ve got going on at the moment:

FINAL GIRL – an award-winning horror blog I launched in 2005. Originally it was dedicated to slasher films, but the scope has increased to include all sorts of horror movies.

JILL SANDWICH – sometimes I write about video games.

RPG – a comedic high-fantasy webcomic. Updates Mondays.

FRIDAY THE 13th DEATH COUNT – all of the deaths in the Friday the 13th film series, illustrated.

DALLAS REVIEWED – every episode of the television show Dallas recapped and reviewed in chronological order. Updates Fridays.

I’m pretty obsessed with pizza, video games, coffee, outer space, kittens, national parks, and not leaving the house. Reconciling those last two is tough.

stacieponder @ gmail.com