status: alive

writer, artist.

Enjoys pizza, video games, coffee, outer space, kittens, national parks, a good laugh, and not leaving the house.

Writing: Butcher Knives & Body CountsRue Morgue magazine, AMC TV.com, TCM’s Movie Morlocks, Real Simple.com, AfterEllen.com, Sirens of Cinema magazine, Pretty/Scary.net, Bloody-Disgusting.com, and more

Comics: Marvel Comics, Archaia Publishing, IDW publishing, Digital Webbing publishing, Bluewater publishing

Mostly I like working for myself, though. Here’s what I’ve got going on at the moment:

FINAL GIRL – an award-winning horror blog I launched in 2005. Originally it was dedicated to slasher films, but the scope has increased to include all sorts of horror movies.

JILL SANDWICH – sometimes I write about video games.

RPG – a comedic high-fantasy webcomic. Updates Mondays.

FRIDAY THE 13th DEATH COUNT – all of the deaths in the Friday the 13th film series, illustrated.

DALLAS REVIEWED – every episode of the television show Dallas recapped and reviewed in chronological order. Updates Fridays.

stacieponder @ gmail.com